Emma M.

Hello Sweta, your product is just phenomenal. Firstly, my 3 year old is obsessed with wash and shampoo Bubbsi- she dries it off after bath time and went to sleep with it on the first night. My 18 month keeps kissing the cream. Personally, I've never come across packaging like yours, it's just incredible- well done. With regards to my 18 month old's eczema, his skin is now buttery soft and hasn't been in better condition. The eczema has for now subsided. Going forward, your product will be the product of choice for my family. Thank you SO much! We are only using the cream on his face after bath time every night. And then both wash and cream over whole body. I wash his face with a face cloth just from the water from that bath that already has the bubbsi soap in it.