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Highly Recommend!
"The coconut balm was perfect for my newborns sensitive skin and completely got rid of his eczema and cradle cap! Also we love the body wash, leaves my toddlers skin soft and hydrated. Highly recommend the products!"
—Parul ,
Thank you SO much!
"Your product is just phenomenal. My 18 month old's skin is now buttery soft and hasn't been in better condition. The eczema has subsided. We are only using the cream on his face after bathtime every night. And then both wash and cream over whole body. Going forward, your product will be the product of choice for my family. Thank you SO much!"
—Emma M. ,
Thank you for these wonderful products!
Bc of you Alina's skin is finally rash free!!! She experienced so many strange outbreaks and was allergic to everything! We love our Bubbsi!!! And are grateful for your products! I've been meaning to message for months! We started when she was 2 months with it we saw a change within 2 weeks! We couldn't kiss her for weeks bc of the redness on her face Then I switched to this and the blue balm u have And boom Magic!
—@shesartsy ,
Thank you for making such an amazing product.
"We've been using this for about a week now and I could practically cry. She used to wake up in the middle of the night crying cause it hurt/itched so bad. We use the coconut oil balm strictly as a body wash for her then follow up with the lotion twice a day."
—@hjchristensen ,
Your product was my last hope
Hi just sharing the before and after photo of my daughter's arm after just overnight use of your product. Thank you so much! As a 1st time mom it was so hard for me to deal with my daughter's flare ups. I tried sooo many products but nothing seemed to work. Your product was my last hope before I will try topical steroids. Thank you so much! It's her christening tomorrow and I'm so glad she'll be able to wear her dress without being uncomfortable because of her eczema. <3 <3 <3
—Mary ,
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Love it for eczema and smells so good

My little one started getting mild eczema spots on her arm, we started using this lotion daily after baths and her arm cleared up in a few days! And I love love the light coconut smell!

Love love love!!!!!💜💜💜💜💜

Besides smelling great, Bubbsi transformed my newborns skin! His sensitive skin looks and feels amazing.

Love the balm, smells great. Didn’t think much of the other two but I realized once I stopped using the shampoo on my baby that it had gotten rid of his cradle cap. 1 or 2 times of not using it and it came back, took two times of using for it to go away again.

Perfect for Scares, not just for kids.

I have a rather large scare from a bacterial infection. A friend suggested this product which has been helping her scare from a break heal nicely. After two weeks of use, I can see a difference.

Best Baby Soap & Lotion

This is the best shampoo body soap I ever used. I have six kids and I got this for my youngest and leaves my baby’s skin so soft. They sometimes would have eczema breakouts and I would use the soap and the whipped coconut oil body cream and their eczema would be healed the next day!

The best!!

At first I was skeptical, but after just first application, helped my babies skin to heal and moisturize at the same time. The scent is not overpowering. I'm so thankful to find bubbsi. Its been a life saving and always reorder.

Helping with the Eczema

Our 9 month old has moderate eczema that flares dramatically with certain foods (that we're still figuring out). Bubbsi has definitely helped control the eczema. He used to pluck at and grab his torso skin all the time and he's doing that much less. He's also allergic to cow's milk protein, so after he failed his baked milk challenge he had a huge eczema flare due to the allergen exposure. We initially brought that under control with topical steroids, but pretty soon were able to switch back to Bubbsi for ongoing soothing. We have gone through the lotion and cream in ~6 weeks because he bathes daily after his messy dinner meal so we slather him up with lotion and put him straight into his pjs to seal it all in. Just ordered the refill sizes of both of those.

hey, sunshine candle
Pamela Scalise
Love it!!

Our daughter had eczema from about three months old to now at 1 year so has very sensitive itchy skin, these products keep her skin hydrated and keep flare ups at bay, the only wash line that hasn’t made her break out Or continue to itch!

kiddo starter set
Janell Sandoval
Love it

This has been great for my daughter's skin. She also loves playing with them while taking a bath!

Love love love

Great product to keep your baby’s skin moisturized! I just bought a refill

What a fabulous discovery!

I tried the body cream for the first time when visiting my daughter, she uses the body cream and balm on my 4 month old Grandson. I loved it and decided to order some for myself. I live in the UK whilst my daughter lives in the US and I was thrilled to find the refill.
I promptly ordered the bubbsi body cream as well as the refill- this will make sure I have enough to use at home until I visit the US again when I can restock, I LOVE the Bubbsi body cream and the skin balm. I am nearing 60 and the products are better for my skin than any product I have tried. A cream that is suitable for babies and mature post menopausal women is a rare thing to find. I couldn’t be happier, thank you so much.

Best shampoo on the market. Very nourishing!

My grandson loves these containers

Best body cream ever

Very helpful for my baby.

Incredible scent

I’ll preface this by saying I’m not really a candle person but when Bubbsi came out with a candle to match their signature scent, I couldn’t resist. We’ve been using Bubbsi products since 2019 so needless to say we love the scent and everything about Bubbsi. I’m not sure it smells exactly like the Bubbsi lotion but that doesn’t matter because this scent is absolutely incredible. Please don’t stop making this!!!

Finally a fix!

My son from about 4 months old to present had Keratosis pilaris on his legs so badly and it started to pop up on his arms. My pediatrician kept wanting to give him medicated lotions but I was determined to find something less harsh and more natural. I tried 4 other products before this with no success. Within the first 2 nights of using bubbsi we noticed a HUGE difference. I just placed and order for the wash refill and going ahead and buying the lotion because this stuff works and is the only thing I have found that works!

Really works

My son struggled with facial eczema and dry itchy skin over his arms legs and belly starting around 2 months. We wanted to avoid steroids so tried almost every major clean/safe brand marketed to us. We have had to use steroid for itchy facial patches only a few times to calm things down but 10/10 will say that using the Bubbsi system has truly reduced his itching and soften his skin all around. We are still working through the recurrent hot spots on his face that he tends to rub and flare, but we are so happy to have found something that works for him. He is turning 6 months and we just purchased the refill sizes of the lotion and the balm!

Love this stuff my son doesn't break out in a rash and helps his mild eczema.

Love love love

We’ve been using for over a month now; All products are super moisturizing, gentle, and smell so good. This set has really helped calm and smooth out my toddlers eczema AND my other toddlers KP! My husband and I even use the lotion on ourselves too haha. Our littles love the fun bottles And we love the fact that they offer big refills! Highly recommend you give it a shot if you’re thinking about it, definitely worth it🤍

The only cream that works for our daughter’s eczema! Clears it up within hours of application and we use it on her daily to keep her skin prepped from future rough spots. Works like a charm!

Great for skin

My sons was having skin issues from 4month. Doctor was prescribing steroid for him I didn’t like using them. Then I found this shampoo and wash and have never had issues since.

Works great, buy it all the time!