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We love this product!

Not only has this product helped with my son's eczema, but now our whole family is using it!

My Toddler’s Eczema is Gone!

I have used the Bubbsi Shampoo/Wash, Body Cream, and Oil Balm for a week and my daughters stubborn Eczema is completely gone! She has a sensitive bum as well and the balm is perfect for her overnight diapers. I’m so glad I stumbled across this product and only wish I knew about it sooner!

A smooth relief

Our daughter hasn't been diagnosed with eczema, but she constantly is scratching her thighs and arms. She has has red skin and bumps in both those areas and we're always trying to distract her not to scratch. Since using Bubbsi, her skin is definitely becoming smoother. She is still scratching some, but not as much and I think it's making a difference. We love the scent and look forward to it continuing to help our sweet babe's skin!

Finally something that works!

I’ve tried so many different products on my now 4 month old daughters eczema. Her skin is so sensitive and the products other people recommended just didn’t work for her. Pure unrefined coconut oil and Vaseline were the only things that eventually seemed to help a little. I had to apply them multiple times a day and they would make her and her clothes greasy. I came across this ad on Instagram and after reading reviews I had to give it a try. I am SO glad I did!!! In just a week, her eczema is almost gone. I’m amazed at how soft her skin is and how well it has healed. It smells amazing and I don’t have to keep reapplying throughout day. It’s worth every penny!

Thank you soooo much Bubbsi!!! This will be the only line of products I use on my baby girl.

Hydrating, Cleansing & Smells Awesome!

This product is amazing. It's completely transformed my baby's skin. It has natural ingredients. No bad ingredients which is a must for me & my family. I love that it's a coconut oil based. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Cradle cap gone

Worked great on my baby’s cradle cap - it’s completely gone! Also smells great.

Just The Best

Honestly haven't used anything else on my baby since I bought this set. It cured her baby acne, cradle cap, diaper rash, etc etc Not to mention it keeps her skin soft and smelling so delicious with no yuck artificial scents or colors. Only thing we need on our shelf and the refill sizes make it easy to store and stock up. Amazing stuff. xx

Soft, good smelling hair!

This conditioner has a soft delightful smell. It makes my sons course hair so soft too! I have recommended this product to several friends and they have all been pleased!

Family Complete

Finally the search is over. My daughter has very tight curls and has dry hair so finding a product that was going to make her hair soft and moisturizer was important. I wanted a conditioner that did not have so many different ingredients. So when Bubsi announced that a conditioner was coming I knew I had to get it. The conditioner definitely delivered. It smells amazing and leaves her hair feeling nice and soft. I am happy that also bought the refilled so I am not worried about running out. I even created a detanglers with the conditioner.

Thank you Bubbsi for creating this conditioner.

Game changer

My almost two year old son had extremely bad eczema as baby. We went to doctors and dermatologists to try and find relief for him but nothing really worked. We heard about this through a friend and his skin has never been better. Minimal flare ups happen now and overall he is back to his normal happy self. We use this on our newborn to keep his skin nourished as well. I recommend this to everyone I know.

Must Have!

I tried many other lotions for my son. Aquaphor, Honest (both regular and the balm for dry skin), Johnson & Johnson, Cetaphil. I even tried regular ol’ coconut oil. None of them worked at clearing his dry skin or cradle cap and left his skin either greasy or just as dry and flaky as before.

I purchased The Whole Gang and it arrived super quickly. I started using it for my son right away and wow. The difference was clear immediately. His cradle cap was clear within two days. His skin is so smooth and hydrated now! Each product smells incredible, too. I love the bath wash, but also use the balm for bath during days when his skin is extra dry. I use the lotion daily for him (and maybe a little extra for me, too!). Absolutely love each and every part of the gang.

I wasted so much money on tons of other products. Don’t bother and just purchase The Whole Gang first!


I bought this product for my grandson have to try numerous other products. This product literally clears up his eczema and helps him not itch. It is amazing product I would recommend it as I have already to numerous people. I’m so thankful for this product and that it helps him out so much.

Game changer!

My 3rd child has eczema pretty bad where it kept him up at night scratching his legs! A friend told me about Bubbsi and to be honest I was a little hesitant because of the price. I am so glad I went threw with purchasing the trio pack. It has changes my sons skin tremendously! I will not use any other product now it is worth every penny!!

Best Conditioner Out There

After using other Bubbsi products for over a year now, I was over the moon when they announced the conditioner coming! I had been looking for a good conditioner for my daughter but just wasn't comfortable with any of the other products I came across. All of Bubbsi products have an amazing natural smell that isn't overpowering and the conditioner leaves my daughters hair moisturized, soft, and manageable even after sleep.

Absolutely Amazing!

We are obsessed with Bubbsi. Amazing customer service, & absolutely amazing products! My 3 month old has been so dry and in some spots was having cradle cap. Literally after 1 wash we could see a difference! We’ve been using for a month or so now and all of her head/skin issues have gone away! Smells amazing too! Using on all 3 of my littles now & won’t be using anything else❤️

Amazing Stuff

My son has terrible eczema and nothing has helped (we have tried EVERYTHING). I am is so happy I found this cream. Not only does it smell amazing, it has helped my sons arms and legs. (and its the first lotion that didn't burn his skin). We absolutely love it and will continue to recommend it to everyone!!


This lotion is great!! Worked wonders on my daughters skin. I also love it for my own hands!

Creamy and soft

I love the smell of this conditioner and how creamy and soft it is. But what I love most is how it makes hair soft and smooth. It doesn’t leave hair gummy or greasy at all. Bought for my grandson but like my other Bubbs it’s my go to product as well. These products are so high quality and good! You can feel the care that goes into making them. And the bubbs are so adorable!

Love it!!

Love this lotion for my toddler! It’s so moisturizing without being greasy. I’ve seen a big improvement in his eczema with consistent use.

Best stuff ever!

I only wish I would have found this sooner! My
2 year old has terrible eczema and it flares every winter. We where even prescribed a steroid ointment for him. This is the best lotion for him! We have yet to have any flare of eczema since starting it. It is so soft and goes on perfectly smooth! I even sneak some for myself when my hands get super dry. We love it and can’t recommend it enough!

We love the whole Bubbsi Line!

The cream is the only one that I can use on my son and he won’t break out or turn red from it!

Thrilled to hear it! Thank you!

Favorite baby product

I’ve been using this cream as soon as my baby was born! I love the consistency.. It’s the number one product I’ve been recommending to moms. I bought the year supply since I use it multiples times a day on my baby and I’m almost done with it and it’s only been 5 months. My only complaint is the cap of the cream doesn’t stay on the bottle and it’s always coming off and when I put it in my diaper bag, some of my product gets wasted.

So glad you like the cream! I will reach out to you regarding how to fix the cap issue!


I’ve been using this product since my baby was a month old and I’m still loving it! I wish I bought a travel size one too.

Silky soft, delicious scent, and excellent customer service

My baby battled eczema and after clearing up some patches with steroid cream I was desperate for something new to try long term. This lotion is THE BEST. I am amazed at how silky smooth it makes her skin and how wonderful she smells now! I finally found a lotion thick enough to deal with the eczema but without all the oily mess and stink. When I had a small issue with a new shipment, the founder messaged me back and corrected the issue within hours. I would DEFINTELY recommend this product. It is worth the price tag.

So happy to hear this!! Thank you for your support!

The best!

Wow!!! My son was diagnosed with very dry skin that was about to turn from bad to worse. I was told to use Cetaphil or Aquafor, and I did, with no result and a very upset baby every time I tried rubbing the thick cream on his little belly... plus I didn’t like the list of ingredients in these lotions. I came across this product through a review and figured let’s give it a try... I couldn’t wait to stop using Aquafor! Oh my! What a difference!!! First, the lotion is so smooth and easy to rub in without making my little one uncomfortable! He loves his baby massages now! It smells fantastic and I’m not typically a fan of coconut. But the best part, his skin is as smooth and soft as baby skin should be!!! Totally worth it! Thank you Bubbsi!!!