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Highly Recommend!
"The coconut balm was perfect for my newborns sensitive skin and completely got rid of his eczema and cradle cap! Also we love the body wash, leaves my toddlers skin soft and hydrated. Highly recommend the products!"
—Parul ,
Thank you SO much!
"Your product is just phenomenal. My 18 month old's skin is now buttery soft and hasn't been in better condition. The eczema has subsided. We are only using the cream on his face after bathtime every night. And then both wash and cream over whole body. Going forward, your product will be the product of choice for my family. Thank you SO much!"
—Emma M. ,
Thank you for these wonderful products!
Bc of you Alina's skin is finally rash free!!! She experienced so many strange outbreaks and was allergic to everything! We love our Bubbsi!!! And are grateful for your products! I've been meaning to message for months! We started when she was 2 months with it we saw a change within 2 weeks! We couldn't kiss her for weeks bc of the redness on her face Then I switched to this and the blue balm u have And boom Magic!
—@shesartsy ,
Thank you for making such an amazing product.
"We've been using this for about a week now and I could practically cry. She used to wake up in the middle of the night crying cause it hurt/itched so bad. We use the coconut oil balm strictly as a body wash for her then follow up with the lotion twice a day."
—@hjchristensen ,
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Go-to skin cream

This is our go to skin cream for the entire eczema prone family!

Best detangler!

This is such a great detangler for curly kids' hair- especially if you brush through while the conditioner is in before washing it out!

whipped coconut oil body cream
Jagruthi Balagatte Mohandas
Best baby skin care product

I am extremely happy with Bubbsi coconut based products. My daughter has eczema & no other skin care product worked fine on her body. She used to have itchy skin due to dryness. What a blessing it is to have found Bubbsi. After using Bubbsi coconut based cream for 4 days, I saw her skin go from bad to better to soft & clear. I recently bought coconut balm & bodywash. Both are great products too. Love bubbsi.

kiddo starter set
Niki Reyes-Cruz
Just ok…

This is a very greasy shampoo/conditioner/body wash. I’m not seeing any results with my daughters skin problems

Sorry to hear you're not loving the product! We have a satisfaction guarantee so happy to issue a refund. We will reach out to you via email.

the hair duo
Stephanie Rosales
My Hair

I bought the Hair Duo for myself. I saw looking for scalp health since I have been dealing with dry scalp for a while and read some reviews that it helped. It's been about two weeks since I have been using it consistently and I have seen some changes. Less flakes, a little softer, frizz is down and shine is up. Hoping to see more changes in the next few weeks.

coconut oil balm
Lindsey Liston
Not loving the new packaging

We love bubbsi products and the coconut oil balm used to be our “use for everything product”, but we have found a big flaw with the new jar vs. the old squeeze bottle. This product can actually be used for everything and one of the of the most amazing uses of this balm is for diaper rash (literally a god-sent). The issue is that typically after a dirty diaper change your hands/fingers are not the cleanest and now you have to dip those dirty fingers into the jar of balm making it contaminated with your post-diaper change fingers. This ruins the whole batch for using it on dry patches on my baby’s body especially her face. Even if I don’t get my fingers visually dirty, I can’t justify going and using that same jar for her face after that. Sorry for the harsh review, I really do love the product and company. Hoping it can be constructive feedback. Really do love these products!

Thanks for the feedback, Lindsey! Unfortunately the old bottles were causing this formula to liquify for many people, which is why the switch is necessary. We hope to offer something to help with sanitary diaper area application in the near future (like a small spatula) to avoid that issue. If you still have your old bottle, you can definitely use that without current refill too! Glad the formula works so well for you, and appreciate your support!

Almost great

I can’t handle the smell… I wish there was something in this that was pleasant, Idk if that means more coconut or what but for real - I hate the smell. I know this is hard to do without being toxic or as great for the skin but I’m hopeful there’s a way and this will be improved. Otherwise love what it’s doing. Also, the bottles need better control from the cap. They give out WAY too much, it’s hard to control on the shampoo and you end up wasting a ton.

Thanks so much for the honest feedback, Rebecca! Thrilled you like the formulas on skin, and we do hope to offer an unscented version of them at some point in the future. Also noted on the cap feedback - and our Shampoo refill size comes with a pump, so you can use it directly out of that if it's more convenient!

kiddo starter set
Kristine Peterson
Yummy smelling/ moisturizing products

Our whole family loves the Bubbsi products. I have the refill for the shampoo + wash in my shower and use it daily. It’s much more moisturizing than almost anything else I have tried. Thanks so much for the wonderful products!

kiddo starter set
Janay Jones-David
Keeps my son skin nice and moisturized.

The scent is a really light scent that isn’t overwhelming, it smells really fresh and natural.

Didn’t work for my babies severe eczema for the price point and reviews really hoped it would

Mayra - so sorry to hear that! Unfortunately, every child's skin is different so we can't guarantee results, however we DO have a satisfaction guarantee so I'm happy to offer you a full refund. I will reach out directly via email. Thanks for your feedback.

The best

I am in love with all the Bubbsi products! They smell wonderful and are so gentle on my baby’s skin!

coconut oil balm
Iroshini Perera

Love them!

Great product

I love the smell and way this soap lathers. The little animal bottle is so super cute too, my girls LOVE it.

Fantastic product!

Bubbsi conditioner does a great job of smoothing and detangling.

snuggly skin for a year
Cherrymae Wimmer
Fast absorption, smells amazing

Fast absorption, no greasy, smells amazing.
Really has helped my son's ezema flares ups.

Eczema doesn't bother my baby as much

So my baby girl developed eczema at around a month old. It was so heartbreaking because her skin was like sandpaper in places. We used the cream and balm as well as the soap on her cradle cap(which wasn't that bad). Today my baby girl is over 6 months old and her skin is soft and she doesn't scratch nearly as much. This stuff is pricey, but it does what it says!!! Trust me... we tried some other brands and her skin just got worse. I'm so glad there is a brand out there that can help my precious baby without all the poison. THANKS BUBBSI!!!

Love it

Feels great smells great and goes on smooth

body cream refill size
Kirtana Kalavapudi
Love love love Bubbsi!

Bubbsi's body cream has been a life saver for our little one! It has helped so much with his dry skin. The refill size container is much easier to handle and the design of it allows for minimal waste. Great job, Sweta!

Love it!!!

We saw a dramatic change in my child’s skin in just a few DAYS! With eczema flares up every time there’s a temperature change, not to mention all the chlorine from pool days, Bubbsi has been a game changer.

super effective and all around gorgeous

I love all of our Bubbsi products. They work so well, smell absolutely delicious, and as a fun bonus, my baby just loves the bottles. Cannot recommend enough!

Eczema battle and my baby boy

I’ve tried all products from lowest to highest price range and none worked except for Bubbsi. After 3 to 4 days of using Bubbsi, my baby boys skin cleared up and he stopped itching and that made a great deal as he would scratch himself until it bleeds. I am so happy I tried Bubbsi even my pediatrician recommends it now to other parents. I know all skin types are different but I’ve referred it to one mother from a tropical island and it help her daughter to the point that the baby girl no longer itches and eczema was eradicated. I also recommended it to another parent from Washington and her baby’s skin cleared up as well. So far, it’s the best product out there. Thank you very much Serra Doshi!

Love it

Me and my baby love bubbsi shampoo and wash, he had horrible eczema and cradle cap now his skin is silky smooth.

Something finally works!

Our son has struggled with moderate to severe eczema for almost 2 years. We have tried everything, including multiple trips to dermatology and prescription strength steroid ointments. This product helped our son’s skin (including itchy scales and inflamed areas) almost immediately! It’s creamy, soft, smells amazing, and keeps skin moisturized. He is a young toddler and loves the bottles, and I love the refill option!! Would 100% recommend.

Hand down the best product for my sons eczema

My son has baby eczema and very skin especially around his stomach and chest. We used to have to use hydrocortizone creams regularly to keep it in check. But since we started using the balm and moisturizing lotion from bubbsi he has not needed the hydrocortizone cream at all. Very satisfied with the products from bubbsi.

conditioner refill
Cassandra Santor
Love these products!

Every product has been fantastic as has the customer service!