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Highly Recommend!
"The coconut balm was perfect for my newborns sensitive skin and completely got rid of his eczema and cradle cap! Also we love the body wash, leaves my toddlers skin soft and hydrated. Highly recommend the products!"
—Parul ,
Thank you SO much!
"Your product is just phenomenal. My 18 month old's skin is now buttery soft and hasn't been in better condition. The eczema has subsided. We are only using the cream on his face after bathtime every night. And then both wash and cream over whole body. Going forward, your product will be the product of choice for my family. Thank you SO much!"
—Emma M. ,
Thank you for these wonderful products!
Bc of you Alina's skin is finally rash free!!! She experienced so many strange outbreaks and was allergic to everything! We love our Bubbsi!!! And are grateful for your products! I've been meaning to message for months! We started when she was 2 months with it we saw a change within 2 weeks! We couldn't kiss her for weeks bc of the redness on her face Then I switched to this and the blue balm u have And boom Magic!
—@shesartsy ,
Thank you for making such an amazing product.
"We've been using this for about a week now and I could practically cry. She used to wake up in the middle of the night crying cause it hurt/itched so bad. We use the coconut oil balm strictly as a body wash for her then follow up with the lotion twice a day."
—@hjchristensen ,
Your product was my last hope
Hi just sharing the before and after photo of my daughter's arm after just overnight use of your product. Thank you so much! As a 1st time mom it was so hard for me to deal with my daughter's flare ups. I tried sooo many products but nothing seemed to work. Your product was my last hope before I will try topical steroids. Thank you so much! It's her christening tomorrow and I'm so glad she'll be able to wear her dress without being uncomfortable because of her eczema. <3 <3 <3
—Mary ,
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Highly recommend! my baby has very sensitive skin, and dry spots. This product cleared up his skin quickly. I brought every lotion, eczema cream and wash possible. I even tried Aquaphor baby ointment on his skin he would break out with little pimples. it was either dry skin or breakout with other products. I had even tried tubby tubby and it was not successful. I was starting to feel hopeless. The cream texture was gentle and best for my son skin. Bubbsi is a game changer!


Great! Love the smell and the softness on my baby.

kiddo starter set
Katelyn Montisano
Worked amazing for baby acne!

My son was struggling with baby acne pretty severely all over his face, head, chest, and back. After just one application I noticed an improvement a few hours later. Now he doesn’t have any acne at all and we use the body wash and cream on him every other day. It’s the best and smells so so good! People always comment how yummy he smells!

Great for Sensitive Baby Skin with Ezcema

We were desperately looking for something to soothe our son's ezcema. The pediatrician & dermatologist kept prescribing strong steroid ointments. We found Bubbsi on TikTok and gave it a try. Our son's skin has cleared up and has been the best it has ever been. I'll be honest I sneak some on my hands to soothe my dry over washed hands, and it works great. Definitely would recommend

Saved our baby’s skin!!!!

Our newborn was suffering from eczema all over her face and body, along with heat rashes on her ears and neck. We used the body wash, oil balm, and cream and it healed within a week. Absolutely wonderful product that we will continue to use! I highly recommend!!

Outstanding - Good for the whole family!

Bubbsi made a significant improvement in my son's KP after just one use! As a result, both my husband and I have taken to using the products, as well. The balm is the best skin care product I've ever used!

newborn starter set
brooke Steele

We love bubbsi!



I honestly fell in love with this duo! When my daughter was a new born she had cradle cap. The shampoo from other brands Iv used & never worked. I bought this duo hoping it will clear it completely and let me say it cleared it within 3 days!! She is now 10 months and still uses this product and no cradle cap since.

kiddo starter set
Kimberly Truitt
The only thing I’ll use for my twins with eczema

I’ve tried other top tier (aka expensive) baby products and they just don’t hold a candle to bubbsi. It’s the only shampoo/body wash that doesn’t dry their skin out. And they moisturizer lasts all day compared to others that you have to reapply constantly to babies with dry skin. The conditioner is awesome as well. It keeps my babies curly, on the course side, hair feeling soft and tangle free

Best baby products!!

Love the Bubbsi system!! Makes it fun and my daughter always enjoys doing it by herself! The refills are amazing and last forever!

Love it!

My absolute favorite - I am thrilled with these items!!!

Best product yet!

My son Jace had baby skin issues and nothing seemed to help, I saw Bubbsi on Instagram and figured I’d try it! We’ve ordered twice so far and we love this stuff so much! The coconut oil body cream is a must!


We recently got this and I must say that I absolutely love it, the wash is so creamy and a little goes a long way! The body cream is so good and creamy, very moisturizing but not oily. The coconut balm is perfect for those little dry patches! This is perfect for both my infant and toddler. I have since placed a refill order! Thank you bubbsi for such amazing products!

newborn starter set
Nicole Ramos
Works Of Wonder!!!!

I definitely recommend this product for any skin type issues. My baby had a rash on his cheeks and I’ve been trying Cetafil for a while and it didn’t help like I thought it would until I came across Bubbsi. Within a day his rash look significantly better and soft! Not only that but his dry scalp cleared up as well; with a skincare routine within 5-6 days!!! Love love love love!!!!

Love it !

My 4month old started getting eczema on his face, head and back and other products that worked before ... stopped working and he was starting to itch his face which only made it worse. Coconut oil was the only thing that was working.
So, I wanted something that I could make a full routine and I found it! Plus, it is so cute and refillable! So far, I love it and we use the body cream twice a day!

Tried everything to get rid of daughters eczema

I tried almost everything to get rid of my daughters eczema. I believe her eczema is seasonal and starts with an itchy head. Last year I tried everything to give her some itch relief nothing lasted longer than 30 minutes. Our "routine" was bath with some type of eczema wash immediately followed by an eczema cream/lotion. If the itching got super bad and the lotions/creams weren't helping it be another bath to calm her skin followed by more cream, it was a never ending cycle. I decided to try this bubbsi cream and instantly she stopped itching and her skin looked calmer.


We have officially been using this product for a year and the whole family loves it! We got it for our baby when they were born last year and are still using it to this day! It’s perfect for moisturizing our little one after a bath or on a daily basis, we also love it because we live in a dry climate and our baby needs all the extra help for moisturizing without harsh chemicals. It smells great too! I highly recommend

The BEST and FOREVER customer

I highly recommend the Body Lotion, its fast absorbing, no greasy feeling. I love the container because it reminds of childhood bath time. I alternate between the lotion and coconut balm and both are equally beneficial. Look forward to buying more and also buying as gifts for family and friends.


The Coconut Balm is an amazing addition to my skin care routine. Absorbs quickly no greasy film left behind at all. I recently starting using the balm to remove my makeup! Oh my goodness it wonderful and removes mascara better than the product I was using. Light pleasing fragrance. I highly recommend this product for you and your family.

Love it!

I'm so happy I got to hear about this amazing product from a friend. I went on a shopping spree of trying out different types of creams, ointments and lotions but my baby did not really like any of them. The Bubsi cream has been the only one that the baby does not rub off. I do have to reapply because my baby drools and stilly gets itchy skin but Bubsi has been great. I wish I had learned about this product 2 months ago when my baby's skin began to flare up so we didn't have to use the steroid cream but overall very happy. The smell smells great too!

Love this product!

My daughter had molescum and Bubbsi cleared it up in DAYS! I was stunned!

Customers for Life!

When our daughter was about 4 months old, she started getting a lot of eczema patches. We’re so glad we found Bubbsi - the lotion really does work wonders and the refill seems to last FOREVER! It smells so good, we can’t help but sneak some for ourselves too.


My husband and I love using this shampoo on our baby’s skin! She has eczema and dry skin so the coconut cream in the wash really helps moisturize her skin!

Love this stuff!

Smells so good (and light)
Thick creamy - it goes on thick but actually soaks in and doesn’t leave a greasy residue. So far the best thing we’ve tried for my son’s chronicle dry, eczema prone skin. We use the full moisture pack.