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Highly Recommend!
"The coconut balm was perfect for my newborns sensitive skin and completely got rid of his eczema and cradle cap! Also we love the body wash, leaves my toddlers skin soft and hydrated. Highly recommend the products!"
—Parul ,
Thank you SO much!
"Your product is just phenomenal. My 18 month old's skin is now buttery soft and hasn't been in better condition. The eczema has subsided. We are only using the cream on his face after bathtime every night. And then both wash and cream over whole body. Going forward, your product will be the product of choice for my family. Thank you SO much!"
—Emma M. ,
Thank you for these wonderful products!
Bc of you Alina's skin is finally rash free!!! She experienced so many strange outbreaks and was allergic to everything! We love our Bubbsi!!! And are grateful for your products! I've been meaning to message for months! We started when she was 2 months with it we saw a change within 2 weeks! We couldn't kiss her for weeks bc of the redness on her face Then I switched to this and the blue balm u have And boom Magic!
—@shesartsy ,
Thank you for making such an amazing product.
"We've been using this for about a week now and I could practically cry. She used to wake up in the middle of the night crying cause it hurt/itched so bad. We use the coconut oil balm strictly as a body wash for her then follow up with the lotion twice a day."
—@hjchristensen ,
Your product was my last hope
Hi just sharing the before and after photo of my daughter's arm after just overnight use of your product. Thank you so much! As a 1st time mom it was so hard for me to deal with my daughter's flare ups. I tried sooo many products but nothing seemed to work. Your product was my last hope before I will try topical steroids. Thank you so much! It's her christening tomorrow and I'm so glad she'll be able to wear her dress without being uncomfortable because of her eczema. <3 <3 <3
—Mary ,
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Nothing really helped with my son’s eczema but Bubbsi works like magic on his skin. We love it😍

Great product

We love Bubbsi products! They are so soft and smell so good!

Love the coconut oil body cream

This product has been the only thing to help my baby’s skin. I have to be consistent with it but as long as I am then her eczema does so much better. Next I’m trying the balm.


My little one has stubborn eczema and this is the only thing I’ve found that works. It calms his flare ups within a day or so. We put in on in the am and pm with the occasional spot treatment during the day if he’s got patches. It smells amazing and doesn’t make him sticky like other lotions I’ve tried. Immediately purchased the refill once we tried this so we always have some on hand.

Silky Smoothe

I got this cream for myself as I am a sucker for cute packaging and try and keep my skin hydrated. It feels really silky and nice, so I am very happy with it so far! I also adore the bottle and love that it's refillable.

newborn starter set
Wendy Alvarado
Very helpful

My daughter since birth suffered from eczema and nothing helped dr medicine made it flare up even more but with this product I can honestly say my baby now has baby skin


This balm right here not only helped when my baby had dry scalp but it also helped when she had a chapped chin and neck from her drooling. A little bit goes a long way and I honestly love the clean ingredients. It gives me a sense of peace that if I try it on my baby's skin she will be just fine. No side effects of drying out from excess chemicals and dyes, this is seriously the best product for baby skin on the market.

newborn starter set
Zohra Tourville
We stopped using steroids!

The only way we could manage my 4 month old’s sever eczema was by using prescription steroids until we started using the newborn started kit. We have used it for about one week and for the first time in weeks we didn’t need to use steroids and his skin has been completely clear. I’m praying that product continues to work for him.

panda hooded towel
Estelle nelson
Love all of the products

My daughter has very sensitive skin-- even used to have eczema. I use your products and they have helped her skin between keeping her skin moisturized and also helping the eczema.

newborn starter set
Cristin Deagan
Love it

Love everything about this product. The packaging, the product/scent and the results. My son’s skin has significantly improved. And I feel good using it because I know it’s natural and safe.

The only bathtime product we'll use

We've been using the shampoo and wash for 2 years now for my first born (2 yo), and we've been using it for my second as well (7 mo). We stumbled upon Bubbsi looking for a product that would work with my baby with eczema and wanted to try to coconut oil route. So that we found this product was amazing! We have not strayed from this bathtime product - it's really hard to want to use anything else. It works for our kids' skin and it smells amazing AND the kids love playing with the piggy. My spouse won't let me buy any other bathtime product!

We also use the whipped cream and the balm, but we love this bathtime product the best. Now that the kids have longer/thicker hair, we're checking out the conditioner. Looking forward to adding to our Bubbsi buddies collection.

Softened eczema spots

Soap- has moisture not drying like other brands
Lotion- very thick, good for my baby’s eczema. Put on immediately after bath before drying off skin, works even better.
Balm- really helped for diaper rash, only once at night. More frequently made my babies skin dry. She has very sensitive skin.

newborn starter set
Raneigh Aguilera
Best baby product ever

My baby girl was born with severe baby acne the dr was like she will grow out of it me being stubborn I went on a hunt for something to help her skin and that where a found these products I didn’t hesitate cuz I knew the ingredients first time I used them her acne was almost not existent and if I forgot to put cream it would come back, a love the balm so much that I use on my face as well sense it super dry and it leaves it amazing (I am 38) I’m already about to order refills because I never want to run out of this again.


This is the best product we have ever used. My son doesn’t have to use steroid cream for his eczema. My daughters hair doesn’t get tangled using the conditioner. We just love all the products

Whipped body cream amazing

The whipped body cream is amazing. It really cleared up my newborns winter red eczema.

Clears my baby’s eczema!

I’ve bought and tried everything for my son’s eczema and this lotion is a miracle worker! Consistently used after bathtime, he no longer has eczema flare ups. When we ran out, I tried other lotions and it came right back. We love Bubbsi and will continue coming back!

whipped coconut oil body cream

the baby acne / kp duo
Dhruti Parekh

best cream for dry skin

The hype is true!

My poor newborn suffered horribly with eczema all over, but his face was the worst! I felt like I was being judged by people when I was literally trying everything. I was about the call his pediatrician again when I saw an ad for Bubbsi and decided to give it a try. I'm so glad I did! Within 48 hours of applying 3 times a day, his skin was almost 100% clear of eczema! I love that the products are clean and naturally derived, plus they smell amazing! Definitely give it a try! You won't be disappointed.

It works!!!

I was very skeptical, as we tried many other eczema creams, but this works!!! No eczema on my toddler’s skin since the first use!!


I love bubbsi for several reasons but recently my little one scratched herself bad and within a few hours it looked infected, I went to pediatrician where they prescribed me topical and oral antibiotics and told me to wash with dial soap! I went with my mom gut and skipped antibiotics and washed her face with bubbsi and topped with their lotion & balm several times that day. Next day it was 90% better and no longer looked infected. All that’s left now is a little mark!

coconut oil balm
Miranda House

We are doing the dry skin duo! Let me tell you, my daughter’s eczema on her elbows is almost gone! I’ve tried so many lotions and nothing has worked! I would buy this stuff by the truck loads if I could! My daughter has a really bad patch on her thigh, but this stuff is clearing it up day by day!

kiddo starter set
Jessica McNaughton
Perfect for the whole household

Bubbsi is so gentle and makes my babies hair and skin feel newborn soft! I had to give it a try for myself, and I'm in Love!

Balm is amazing!!

My daughter had two weeks of multiple dirty diapers a day from a virus and using the balm kept her diaper-rash free!!

newborn starter set
Melissa Morales
Love these products.

My babys eczema was getting really bad and after using Bubbsi for about a month it has cleared up significantly. I love the coconut smell which isn't too overwhelming for my little one and doesn't have any chemical or medicinal smell. The body oil even works great as a diaper rash cream so its like a 2 for 1 deal with this brand.