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Highly Recommend!
"The coconut balm was perfect for my newborns sensitive skin and completely got rid of his eczema and cradle cap! Also we love the body wash, leaves my toddlers skin soft and hydrated. Highly recommend the products!"
—Parul , the cradle cap duo
Thank you SO much!
Your product is just phenomenal. With regards to my 18 month old's eczema, his skin is now buttery soft and hasn't been in better condition. The eczema has for now subsided. We are only using the cream on his face after bath time every night. And then both wash and cream over whole body. Going forward, your product will be the product of choice for my family. Thank you SO much! 
Thank you for these wonderful products!
Bc of you Alina's skin is finally rash free!!! She experienced so many strange outbreaks and was allergic to everything! We love our Bubbsi!!! And are grateful for your products! I've been meaning to message for months! We started when she was 2 months with it we saw a change within 2 weeks! We couldn't kiss her for weeks bc of the redness on her face Then I switched to this and the blue balm u have And boom Magic!
Thank you for making such an amazing product.
"We've been using this for about a week now and I could practically cry. Thank you for making such an amazing product. She used to wake up in the middle of the night crying cause it hurt/itched so bad. We use the coconut oil balm strictly as a body wash for her then follow up with the lotion twice a day."
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We love the Bubbsi product. When we opened our starter box my daughter just loved the bottles and immediately started to pretend that they were all babies. So my 3.5 yr old daughter, 1.5 yr old son, and myself were cradling, pretending to feed, and putting all of our Bubbsi babies to sleep for about 20 minutes. Both of my kiddos have eczema flare ups but my son has it the worst and most specialty soaps irritate his skin and cause him discomfort during the flare ups. I appreciate that Bubbsi doesn't seem to have the same adverse effect as other things that we've tried and it leaves his skin soft. We plan to order some refills and try the conditioner as well.

So far so good

Day 5 of using the cream and definitely seeing a difference in the red splotchy patches. Waiting for the pimple like bumps to fade, hopefully soon. Product is super soft and smooth and smells wonderful!

Good for Nana too!

While babysitting my granddaughters I enjoyed using the bathing products on the girls, but I fell in love with the Whipped Coconut Body Cream. My hands felt so good after putting it on the girls. I decided to order some for me when I returned home. I love the scent and I like the way the product is absorbed into my old-lady skin.

Amazing products

Both of my children us Bubbsi products! I love it so much! I have seen big change in their skins. Their skin is so much softer and smoother, especially their elbows and knees. I recommend Bubbsi to everyone!

newborn starter set
Devin Puvvada
Love it!

We love the shampoo/body wash and especially the body cream for after baths! I tried Bubbsi after trying another one of the popular Instagram brands first and not liking it. The coconut oil base is so moisturizing and makes our baby smell so good!!

Best conditioner we've found

This conditioner is such a life saver. We purchased the starter pack that included it and started using it on both of our boys. The oldest one has had a bad spot of scaly and dry skin on his head off and on since he was a baby and nothing ever seemed to work long term. The little one was showing signs of dry scalp. After starting regular use of the conditioner their scalps are moisturized and healthy, my oldest ones dry scaly patch is gone! And their hair is soft, shiny and luscious. The refill is so easy to use, easier to refill the bottle then some of the others thanks to the consistency.

love the product but...

Love the product but the packaging, as cute and engaging as it is, is not user friendly. Way too much waste. (Way) Too much comes out when squeezed by my children, and I encourage them to be independent, so this is not something I want to do for them. I really like the product, but for the price, I find the amount wasted discouraging. I explained how they only need a very small amount, but because of the bottle, when squeezed just a bit, too much comes out.

coconut oil balm
Carmen Presson
Liquid Gold

Amazing stuff! It works not just on babies but on adults too. Used on my elbows and knees and it made them so soft!

the dry skin duo
Justine Kurtz
Smells great..

Smells great and made my sons skin super soft!
I unfortunately am bummed because it made his eczema flare up. I knew it was a long shot because his skin is so so sensitive but I was really hoping this would work for him.
I will use it for myself though, great smell and locks in the moisture!

newborn starter set
Carey Hebert

newborn starter set

Very Nice Product- all around great

We have tried Many products for our 9 month old who suffers from itchy skin, the combination of the bath, body lotion and body oil is working so well (we have been issuing about 2 weeks now). First the product smells amazing, next it is keeping the skin hydrated and has drastically cut down on his scratching. I am into these products.

Great products and customer service!

I have the body wash, lotion, and oil! They leave my daughters’ skin soft and smell great. The lotion is a must!

This product is great! My son had developed rashes after using other sensitive brands. But Bubbsi was sensitive enough for his skin and scalp! Plus it makes his hair smell amazing and has kept cradle cap away.

Please make travel kits so I can make sure we’re never without!!!

Best hair conditioner

When Bubbsi launched their hair conditioner, I thought “go big or go home.” I bought the refill size right away & have zero regrets. It’s the best hair conditioner for my kids (& myself.) It’s not heavy or greasy and doesn’t weigh hair down. I have coloured/wavy hair & my kids have straight/different textured hair. We all love this conditioner. The refill package is easy to use and refill into any silicone bottle.

newborn starter set
Cherrymae Wimmer
Gentle on skin

Love the coconut smell!
Lotion is non-greasy, like a whipped lotion consistency
balm is easy to wipe off
Wash/shampoo is creamy


I’m always scared to try new products for my daughter because she has really bad eczema..but holy mg this stuff makes my babie so soft and she has not had a eczema rash since!

the bestseller duo
Andrea Liebhard
Soft skin

My 2 year old has very sensitive skin and eczema as well. After using bubbsi, his skin is so soft!! I love this stuff and he loves the cute bottles 🐶 🐷

Great customer service!

Our refill for the oil balm leaked in the box in transit. I notified them and they sent me a new right away!

Love the bubbsi products!

Smell great, really work well on dry skin and the bottles double as a bath toy for my baby

Best product EVER

This is a game changer for my 3 year olds hair! It’s so shiny and no more knots after a shower. My sons hair is even super soft. We all love it- and what a cute bottle!!

Helped with cradle cap but don’t love the smell or consistency

The shampoo worked to get rid of my daughters cradle cap but I’d do not like the smell or consistency. The shampoo is very thick and leaves a residue on her hair. I end up using a 2nd shampoo to wash it out a different body wash. The packaging is great. I wish they had sold in smaller bottles as it feels wasteful to throw away so much product

Love love love

We've tried so many ointment for my eczema baby and some will make his skin worse, not this one! It even saved his diaper rash. I'm coming back to get the refill pack!


We've tried so many creams for my eczema prone baby and he will usually scream when I moisturiz him :( not this one! Coming back to get the refill pack!

the dry skin duo
Teresa Bonano
Dry skin

Love it so far!!

kiddo starter set
Meredith G
Love it!

Adorable packaging and a great product. My 3 year old is obsessed.