5 reasons you'll love skincare with Bubbsi

5 reasons you'll love skincare with Bubbsi

When my three month old daughter developed eczema, we went through the seemingly endless cycle of trying every natural and not-so-natural product to soothe her.

Like many moms, I work hard to make sure that what my kids put in and on their bodies is as pure as possible.  So we turned to organic coconut oil - a natural remedy that is a strong part of my Indian heritage - to ease her skin. It was a mess to scoop out of a jar and we were never sure whether it would be liquid or solid when slathering it on skin. But despite all the hassle, it worked. 

Bubbsi started from my desire to create natural, coconut oil products without all that scoop & slather mess.  Along the way, our team has added in more healthy skin food, adorable reusable bottles and an extra dose of love…and now Bubbsi is so much more!   

With only a few more weeks until our line makes its *official* debut, here are five reasons you'll love using Bubbsi on your little one everyday:

#1: IT'S HEALTHY & CLEAN: Full of organic, cold-pressed coconut oil and other yummy skin food

Trendy ingredients come and go, but coconut oil is a time-tested moisturizer. Each Bubbsi formula starts with organic, cold pressed coconut oil and surrounds it with other hydrating ingredients, like Shea Butter and Sunflower Oil.  Our formulas are over 95% naturally derived, and the few synthetic ingredients we use are safe, nontoxic, and at low levels for a specific reason (for example, to preserve freshness). 

#2: IT WORKS: Moisturization is our top priority

These natural products truly work – no trade-offs here. Our moisturizers are fast absorbing, non-greasy, and immediately softening.  Our shampoo + wash cleanses while keeping skin hydrated.  I spent a decade in the Beauty industry testing and developing (literally) hundreds of bodycareproducts so I understand what makes an effective and user-friendly formula. Bubbsi is luxury for your little ones...and perfect for you, too! 

#3: IT'S TRUSTWORTHY: I may be a ‘mamapreneur’, but I’m not making these products in my kitchen.

Our products are developed and manufactured in a high quality lab in Paris, in compliance with strict EU ingredient standards (much stricter than in the US) and by scientists who excel in natural products. They are rigorously tested across skin types under pediatric and dermatological control and manufactured in an FDA-certified facility. No shortcuts, period.  I’m a mom before anything else, and I trust these products enough to use them on my own kids everyday.

#4: IT'S FUN: We make skincare a chore no more.  

I want families to have fun with skincare in a way they never have before.  Our healthy, skin-loving formulas come in playful bottles that your kids will love and ask for.  We believe in rituals like moisture massages for all ages that nourish both the skin and the soul. We hope Bubbsi will take your nightly routine from squirmy kiddos to snuggles & tickles. 

#5: IT'S GOOD FOR THE EARTH!  Reuse, reuse, reuse.  

We're on a mission to #reduce plastic. Our silicone bottles not only feel like toys, but are also nontoxic, completely durable and made to be refilled with our value sizes. Let's stop filling our landfills and oceans with plastic bottles and start reusing!


If you've read this far, THANK YOU for coming on this journey with me! Through this brand and blog, I hope to further explore healthy skincare rituals and discover other ways to slow down and savor small moments with kids, turn our chores into family fun time, and live our healthiest, happiest lives together!

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