Perfect Pairings: #ShopSmall Holiday Gift Guide

Perfect Pairings: #ShopSmall Holiday Gift Guide

This year our team is gifting a whole lot of Bubbsi to lucky nieces, nephews, mama friends and more—paired with our favorite products from other female-founded small businesses. Here are the perfect pairings for every recipient!


Sweetest Softest Newborn Essentials

From: Experienced mom friend, Sweta

“As the founder of Bubbsi it’s probably not a big surprise that I’m ALL about soft and snuggly everything, with a minimal and modern look. I have a lot of new mama friends so I'm supporting my friends’ small businesses by pairing these items with our Whole Gang Starter set.”
  1.  Pretty Please Modern Rainbow Teether

  2. Bubbsi Whole Gang Starter Set
  3. Montessori Baby Animal
  4. Rylee + Cru Color Block Aspen Sweater
  5. Solly Baby Wrap
  6. Anjie + Ash Silicon Gift Set
  7. 1212 Nightly Footed Pajama (monogramming available)
  8. Cuddle + Kind Handcrafted Doll (donates 10 meals w/ your purchase!)
  9. Elegant Baby Romper


Big Kid Brights

From: “Cool Aunt” Schann

“I work hard to maintain my ‘favorite aunt’ status by hunting down the most over-the-top awesome finds for my nieces and nephews. Think bright colors and patterns—more is definitely more with these kids. I pair my gifts with the Bubbsi Bestseller Duo which is always a hit—even with the hard-to-impress big kids!”
  1.  Rockets of Awesome Box (8 personalized items)

  2. Bubbsi Bestseller Duo (aka “The Big Kid Bundle”)
  3. SuperSmalls Fiesta Headband
  4. Etsy Rainbow Light
  5. Kiwi Crate Learning Subscription
  6. State Bags Logan Suitcase
  7. SuperSmalls Gem Hair Brush
  8. Alice and Hops Bow Scrunchie
  9. Floss & Rock Color Changing Umbrellas
  10. Lark Adventurewear Coziest Hoodie & Jogger


Sleepytime + Snuggles

From: Unicorn and Fairy Godmother, Gina

“As a writer, with a book on gratitude coming out next year, I attribute my love of storytelling to my lifelong dedication to reading before bed. I love to gift my kids and godchildren the Bubbsi lotions and PJs and books and sleeping bags that make bedtime even cozier and more magical.”
  1.  Little West Street Classic White Pajama Set

  2. Bubbsi Whole Gang Starter Set
  3. Crate & Kids Snow Queen Toddler Sleeping Bag
  4. Crate & Kids Night Sky Toddler Sleeping Bag
  5. Petite-Plume Grey Bear-y Sweet Eye Mask
  6. Little West Street Navy Stars Pajama Set
  7. Harper Iman Handmade Keepsake Doll
  8. Petite-Plume Pink Kitty Eye Mask


The Eco-chic Expectant Mama

From: The BEST Best Friend Loretta

“From healthy(ish) chocolates to postpartum accessories that are both comfy AND chic, I’ll be gifting my expectant mama family and friends nice things for themselves paired with Bubbsi’s deluxe snuggly skin for a year gift set. Because we can ALL use a little pampering right now—especially the pregnant mamas.”

  1.  Bodily Postpartum Pamper Box

  2. Bubbsi Snuggly Skin for a Year
  3. Aurum & Grey Petite Mama Bracelet
  4. Forever Sunday Comfort Slippers Kit
  5. Graffiti Collective At Home 15 Minute Facial Set
  6. Ford and Wyatt Mama Everyday Sweatshirt
  7. Hatch Belly Sheet Mask
  8. Sakara Chocolate Trio
  9. Hill House Home Nap Dress