COVID-Era Skincare Tips

COVID-Era Skincare Tips

Winter is always the toughest time of year for those with dry skin. In COVID times, with increased washing and sweating behind masks, many of us are dealing with extra dry and problematic skin. Plus, taking care of your skin is more important than ever, as your skin is the first layer of defense against pathogens. (Dry or cracked skin allows germs to enter the body more easily.) A winter like no other requires a new approach to skincare for the whole family. 


The Covid-Era Skincare Problem: Face Rashes and Maskne


Lately, kids have been getting acne well before puberty, all thanks to masks. Rashes are another common concern. The solution is not less mask wearing! Here are some ideas for preventing and treating face rashes and maskne on kids. (This advice works for adults, too!)


  1. Wash faces more frequently. Dermatologist Dr. Sara Gaspard says, “We are treating a lot of maskne in kids because sports have started again, and that combination of sweat and occlusion from mask wearing leads to clogged pores, comedones, and ultimately acne. I always encourage washing the sweat off the face within 15 minutes of being done with the sport. And if that’s not possible, I recommend keeping wipes in the sports bag to wipe the sweat and oil off.” Even if your kids haven’t played sports, it’s still a good idea to wash their faces when they get home and masks come off—but don’t use harsh hand soaps! Try using our Shampoo + Wash or our Oil Balm, which works as as a super gentle oil cleanser
  2. Moisturize faces more frequently. Rub a bit of Whipped Coconut Oil Body Cream onto clean faces to keep them soft and supple. 
  3. Wash face masks after a day of use. It’s okay to wear a cotton face mask multiple times in a day, but then it’s off to the washing machine to prevent dirt and germ buildup. (The CDC recommends washing with your regular detergent and the warmest appropriate water setting.) If you don’t want to run a load every night, be sure and have plenty of face masks so there’s always one on hand. Here are some of our favorite brands. 


Covid Era Skincare Handwashing


The Covid-Era Skincare Problem: Dry Hands


All the hand washing and sanitizing leads to extra-dry hands that are only going to get worse as the cold weather sets in. The solution is simple: Moisturize! 


  1. Add a step to the usual hand washing routine. We recommend keeping the Whipped Coconut Oil Body Cream right on the sink and encouraging kids (and grown-ups!) to moisturize after drying their clean hands. 
  2. Layer on the moisture. The Mayo Clinic’s guidance for hand care during this time includes combining moisturizers—starting with a lightweight cream and sealing in the moisture with an oil-containing moisturizer. Our Moisture Duo is meant for exactly this purpose: Layering the Oil Balm atop the Whipped Coconut Oil Body Cream.
  3. Establish good habits before the dead of winter. Preventing chapped skin is far easier than trying to fix it. Once hands become dry and cracked, they become vulnerable to outside pathogens and overall a chore to heal. Make moisturizing a part of your routine now.  


Covid Era Skincare Dry Hands


The Covid-Era Skincare Problem: Dry Skin All Over


We often tell parents of kids with dry skin to bathe less often. But in a pandemic, it’s understandable that you will be bathing more! Here are ways to make sure your squeaky clean kids don’t end up with super dry skin. 


  1. Avoid harsh soaps. Alternate washing kids with a gentle soap like our Creamy Coconut Oil Shampoo + Wash and an oil cleanser like our Oil Balm. How do oil cleansers work? Using the like-dissolves-like principle, the coconut oil clings onto and dissolves dirt and oils in the gentlest-possible way. (See a demo here!
  2. Keep baths short—fifteen minutes or less. If your kids fingers are pruning, that’s a sign that skin is at the point of moisture loss.
  3. Moisturize quickly. The National Eczema Association recommends moisturizing with a high-oil-content lotion (such as our Whipped Coconut Oil Body Cream) within three minutes of leaving the bath. 
  4. Layer it on. Seal in the cream’s moisture with our Oil Balm


Covid Era Skincare Dry Skin All Over