Covid Crafts: Halloween Edition

Covid Crafts: Halloween Edition

The holidays are looking, shall we say, different this year, starting with Halloween. Because we’re all about crafting playful, giggle-filled experiences for our bubs, alongside the CDC’s Halloween recommendations, our team came up with some creative ways you can make the day memorably fun and festive—right at home. 

At Home Haunted House

While we can’t safely gather at a haunted house this year, we can make one at home! Turn off all the lights, play spooky music, and set up candles or black lights to create that eerie Halloween feel. Blindfold the kids and have them put their hands into "brains" (spaghetti) and "eyeballs" (peeled grapes).

Trick or Treat to the…

Kitchen! Bedroom! Playroom! While we might not be hitting up the neighborhood houses this year, who says we can’t trick or treat from room to room? Set up a candy bowl outside each door in your house so your kids can candy-grab to their heart’s content.

Halloween Egg Hunt

Tuck your candy in little containers like these or these, hide them around the yard and house, and send your kids on a hunt the Easter bunny would be proud of.


Halloween Covid Crafts at Home

Spooky Pinata

Let’s face it—Halloween is all about the candy. Make a Halloween-themed pinata and fill it with a variety of candy and spooky little toys! 

Halloween Coloring Poster

Filled with ghouls and ghosts, this poster is a great last-minute activity—plus, it’s big enough that the whole family can join in. 

DIY Photobooth

While it’ll be hard to take pictures of our kids and their friends all dressed up this year, make this Halloween memorable with an at-home Spooky Photobooth: Find a backdrop with a clean background, and trick it out with spooky stuff—spider webs, bats, Jack-o’-lanterns—and then gather props like hats and face masks to augment the kids’ already-awesome costumes.


Ghost + Spider Table Setting

Make dinnertime extra festive with these super simple DIY ghost balloons! Scatter cotton ball cobwebs around the table with a few spiders and orange and black tableware. You can also make a festive Halloween treats board filled with candy corn, cheese puffs, chocolate, and gummy eyeballs. Here are some more quick and crafty table setting ideas!

Make Your Own Halloween Hunt Craft

Get in the spooky spirit by crafting these traditional costumes! After the craft is made, you can use the decals as decor, or, for an additional activity, try printing out pictures of your bubs’ faces and stick them on the decals as a cheeky “costume” play.


Halloween Covid Crafts at Home