Earth Month Education: How to raise eco champs

Earth Month Education: How to raise eco champs

Studies have shown that being outside helps kids be more creative and better problem solvers. And, kids who spend time in nature are more likely to conserve and advocate for nature as adults!

We teamed up with Kat Kid Adventure, an eco-educational mom-founded brand that engages kids to become eco champs, on some fun Earth Month activities. Try these 3 tips for enjoying the great outdoors with your bubs (don’t worrythey’re all easy peasy).


1. Make your own bird feeder

You Need: 10 minutes, peanut butter,  leftover toilet paper roll + bird seed.

Make Your Own Birdfeeder
A bird feeder gives your family the opportunity to observe the wonders of nature, right at home. Did you know, backyards with bird feeders have more and healthier birds than backyards without bird feeders?

You don’t need to buy a fancy bird feeder, our favorite bird feeder is homemade and uses a classic kid snack staple - peanut butter!

  • Smear peanut butter onto a leftover toilet paper roll, then roll it in bird seed made for your local birds.
  • Go outside and slide it onto a branch for your new bird friends to enjoy!
  • Then, bring out your binoculars and enjoy some backyard bird watching to learn about the local birds in your yard.


2. Paint Rocks

You Need: 20 minutes, medium to large sized rocks , paint brushes + water-based paint.

Paint Rocks 

Over thousands of years, rocks break down into soil. You might not think that soil would be important, but did you know that 95% of our food comes from soil? And the healthier the soil is, the healthier our food is!

Rocks are one of nature’s oldest and simplest canvases to get creative on! They are easy to find and come in different shapes, colors and sizes. Plus, they make for a fun kid (and adult) craft activity:

  • Find some rocks in your yard or at your local park
  • Using water based paint, decorate, paint a picture or write a kindness message  
  • Then distribute your painted rock art around your neighborhood and put a big smile on someone’s face (And because you used water based paint, you don’t need to worry about dirty chemicals leaking into the ground when it rains!)


3. Kick Start Fun Eco Chats

Kat Kid Adventure Post

Sign up for the free Kat Kid Adventure Post, an eco mag for eco champs! Packed with fun Earth Day activities to open the eyes and broaden the minds of kids and parents alike, it’s a great way to get your kids started on their eco journey!


Ready for more? Get weekly eco-tips and activities from Kat Kid Adventure here or use code EcoBaby to receive a 10% discount on! Then get your family outside and just be with nature. You’ll be feeling refreshed and empowered before you know it.

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