Earth Month Activity: Recycle + Play

Earth Month Activity: Recycle + Play

Our friends at Rattle + Roll Kids, the cutest and most colorful online destination for early learning activities, created this math activity using leftover Bubbsi packaging materials. It’s so cute, they won’t even realize they’re learning. ;-)


Earth Month Activity

You Need: 30 minutes, an empty box, Bubbsi packing peanuts, washable markers or paints sticks, and scissors (pink tissue or construction paper - optional).

Step 1: Make your donut by cutting a cardboard box into a circle and decorating it with colored paper or markers.

Step 2: Use washable markers and paint sticks to color packing peanuts into a rainbow of colors.  Sort them by color into cups or bowls.

Step 3: Have some (sneaky) math fun by having your bubs follow directions to add “sprinkles” to the donut! For example: I asked my son to add two numbers, like 4 pink sprinkles and 5 green sprinkles, and he placed each amount on the donut before adding them up.

Bonus: Add actual numbers - like these gorgeous resin confetti set pictured here from @mama.and.og to drive home the learning.


More Bubbsi box ideas from Rattle + Roll:

Other ideas for recycle and play:

  • Use an empty puffs container, cut a hole in the side for a mouth, and make it into a favorite animal! You can also “feed” the animal letters, numbers or colors for learning fun.

  • Turn an old cardboard box into a vet clinic--decorate the box, choose a name for the clinic, then add stuffed animals, “x-rays”, bandages and patient documents for pretend play

  • Cut cookie shapes out of cardboard, then paint, and glue on sprinkles. Play bakery and practice adding up the number of cookies, or create a pricing menu and tally a total bill.

  • Turn a flat shipping box into a marble maze -- create a maze design with play dough or a glue gun on the inside bottom of the box, and maneuver a marble through the maze


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