The Benefits of Coconut Oil Shampoo

The Benefits of Coconut Oil Shampoo

Coconut oil is beneficial in shampoo for kids as well as for grown-ups—and Bubbsi knows this best! Coconut oil is at the core of all our formulas, including our Creamy Coconut Oil Shampoo + Wash. Although we formulated this shampoo with your little bubs in mind, our coconut oil shampoo works just as well for adults who are seeking a deeply moisturizing, natural formula. Below, we’ve outlined whether coconut oil is good for your hair, all the benefits of coconut oil shampoo, and how we perfected our coconut oil shampoo formula—for your bub and for you!


Is coconut oil good for your hair?

When it comes to hair care for you and your little ones, finding the right natural products that are actually effective can be tricky. We love coconut oil, but is coconut oil good for your hair? The answer is YES! Coconut oil is incredibly nourishing, which means it will always leave hair soft, snuggly, and never stripped.

Coconut oil is predominately made up of a medium chain fatty acid called lauric acid. Lauric acid has a low weight and straight structure, which allows coconut oil to easily penetrate the hair shaft. This unique structural quality makes coconut oil great for hair because it can deeply restore hydration, reduce dandruff, repair split ends, and prevent hair protein loss. Coconut oil can also add a natural shine. On its own, coconut oil would not make an effective shampoo as some coconut oil blends can be greasy and messy—which is why we formulated an easy, peasy, non-greasy coconut oil shampoo for you.

Our formula:

Most shampoos are translucent because they contain a lot of water, and sulfates are added to create that sudsy texture. Sulfates are a type of synthetic surfactant, which are molecules that attract oil and water to remove dirt and grime. Although sulfates cleanse and are responsible for that bubbly lather we love, they can be incredibly drying on hair, which is why we opted for an alternative formulation in our Coconut Oil Shampoo: In place of sulfates, we use a gentle vegetable-based cleanser called Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate that acts as a light surfactant, allowing it to clean skin and hair gently rather than stripping it of moisture.

Our shampoo is jam packed with oils and butters like coconut oil, shea butter, and sunflower seed oil, creating a creamy formula that’s gentle and ultra nourishing. Coconut oil has incredible moisturizing properties that restore moisture and hydrate the scalp while being gentle on hair. With 95% of our coconut oil shampoo made from naturally-derived ingredients, our formula is full of yummies, and free of yuckies! Plus, Bubbsi is EU compliant—this means we never formulate our products with the 1,400+ ingredients that are banned in EU personal care—and we also steer clear of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, mineral oils, and synthetic dyes.

And get this: Bubbsi’s coconut oil shampoo is not only incredible for your hair, but is also formulated as an effective body wash. With a light, all-natural scent of coconut, vanilla, and a spoonful of giggles, this coconut oil shampoo will not only leave your bubs feeling clean and nourished, but smelling yummy, too! Gentle on the eyes, and allergy-, dermatologist-, and pediatrician-tested, our Creamy Coconut Oil Shampoo + Wash is an essential step in your bubs’ bathtime routine. See how well it lathers below!



Other reasons to love Bubbsi:

We prioritize natural ingredients and eco-friendly practices. Our commitment to sustainability is at the core of what we do, which is why we designed 8oz refillable, food-grade, non-toxic silicone bottles. Filled with seriously good formulas for silly kiddos, Bubbsi is not only fun and safe for your bubs, but good for the earth!

We created refill sizes of our bestselling formulas as a reflection of our dedication to reducing plastic and reusing materials. Our coconut oil shampoo refill offers 4 times the product for 2.5 times the price, which means you can refill your 8oz piggy four times. Super squeezy and easy-peasy to do, our refill model offers a great value. 


Coconut Oil Shampoo Refill


Here’s what customers have to say:

This product has been a lifesaver! 

“My daughter has the driest hair ever; every natural product we have tried has kept her hair frizzy. This product has been a lifesaver for us. It keeps her hair frizz-free between baths and helps moisturize her scalp. Best we have found! ” —Amanda


“My son was born with a lot of hair; using other baby shampoo made it dry and, in turn, unruly. After using Bubbsi his hair is shiny and manageable. Thank you Bubbsi! ” —Serine

Omg love love love it

"When I tried this product it was love at first use. My daughter's hair is so soft after every wash and her skin is soft and hydrated too. Best part is that it smells so wonderful. The other thing I really like is that I can use it as a shampoo and body wash. I completely recommend the shampoo+body wash to anyone who is looking for a shampoo that will not dry their child's hair or skin. Thank you so much Bubbsi!” —Anita


Add this oink-tastic coconut oil Shampoo + Wash into your kiddo’s (or your!) bath time routine! And what’s a piggy without his friends? Check out the other members of the trio here


Contributors: Rachel Cheung, Gina Hamadey