Why You Should Use Coconut Oil For Sunburn Relief

Why You Should Use Coconut Oil For Sunburn Relief

It’s summertime! And for moms, that means constant applying and reapplying sunscreen. But no matter how diligent you are, sunburns can still happen.

There are several natural remedies for sunburns—some of which might be in your home already. But using coconut oil for sunburn relief is our favorite option. Here, we explain how to soothe sunburns, and how using coconut oil for sunburn works to relieve the pain and discomfort—for kids and for you!

How to soothe sunburn?


Both the American Academy of Dermatology and The Skin Cancer Foundation recommend taking the following steps after getting a sunburn:

1. Cool down the skin.

Immediately reduce the burn’s heat with a quick cool bath. Avoid bathing for too long or using harsh soaps which can dry out and irritate the skin even more.

2. Moisturize and reduce inflammation.

After taking a cool bath, use a gentle moisturizing lotion (such as our Whipped Coconut Body Cream) while the skin is still damp. This helps to relieve dry irritated skin and lock in moisture. If advised by your pediatrician, apply a medicated cream or use anti-inflammatory medication to reduce the pain associated with swelling and redness.

3. Stay hydrated.

When you get a sunburn, moisture is drawn to the skin’s surface and away from the rest of the body. Drink plenty of water to rehydrate from within. Also, load up on snack-friendly fruits and veggies like cucumbers, watermelon and cantaloupe, which can sometimes sound more tempting to the little ones than a large glass of water.

Why is coconut oil for sunburn so effective?


If you’re looking for natural remedies for sunburn, would you believe us if we told you there is a single remedy that keeps skin hydrated, has anti-inflammatory properties, and can heal the skin? If you haven’t guessed it already, it’s the ingredient that we can’t get enough of—coconut oil! Here are the reasons why we’re huge fans of using coconut oil for sunburn:

1. It’s ultra moisturizing.

Coconut oil is primarily made up of medium chain fatty acids or “healthy fats” that can gently soothe and repair even the driest of skins. Its lightweight texture allows it to easily absorb into pores and helps dehydrated skin lock in the moisture it needs. 

2. It’s anti-inflammatory.

One of the worst parts about getting a sunburn is dealing with the painful itch and peeling. Coconut oil has anti-inflammatory properties that can soothe irritated skin. The antioxidants in coconut oil work to suppress inflammation and revitalize the skin’s barrier. Research has shown that coconut oil is effective in improving a wide range of inflammatory skin conditions, including eczema.

3. It’s antimicrobial, too.

Not only do these healthy fats moisturize the skin, they also strengthen the skin barrier by protecting it against unwanted germs. This is thanks to one healthy fat in particular—lauric acid—which makes up almost 50% of the natural oil. Did you know that the only other natural sources of this ingredient is breast milk? Lauric acid at the molecular level can destroy potential pathogens like fungi, bacteria, and viruses. That’s why using coconut oil for sunburn is perfect for avoiding infections.


Coconut Oil For Sunburn Relief

How do I use coconut oil for sunburn?


Hold off on the immediate use of coconut oil for sunburn, as using it too soon can potentially trap heat in the skin. Use coconut oil for sunburn after the skin cools down to reduce inflammation, relieve dry itchy skin and repair the skin barrier as it starts to peel.

When the burn subsides and the skin is beginning to repair itself, use our Coconut Oil Balm and Creamy Coconut Oil Shampoo + Wash in the bath. Either can be used as a gentle cleanser to exfoliate dead or peeled skin. Even with this much cleaning power, these formulas won’t irritate your little one’s delicate skin as we always leave out parabens, phthalates, sulfates, mineral oils, or dyes in the mix.

After bath time, while the skin is damp, moisturize with our Whipped Coconut Oil Body Cream. This is not your average runny lotion! Our Whipped Coconut Oil Lotion is a velvety blend of organic Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, and Vitamin E that melts on skin, absorbs quickly and softens immediately. For extra hydration and protection on dry spots, layer on top our Coconut Oil Balm. This non-greasy balm is deeply nourishing and forms a protective barrier on the skin, aiding in the repairing process.

If your baby gets a sunburn, don’t fret! Just keep applying and reapplying sunscreen as you normally do, and follow our recommendations to soothe any irritated skin that comes your way. And although we currently don’t have a sunscreen formula in the works (we hope to, one day!), we do know quite a bit about them. Dive into our Sunscreen 101 post for a quick and easy primer on this summer skincare. 

The Whole Gang is truly a summertime savior. Use our coconut oil for sunburn, bug bites, and so much more! Click here to shop now.


Contributors: Jennifer Dang, Gina Hamadey