Why Kids Need Hair Conditioner and How to Shampoo & Condition the Right Way

Why Kids Need Hair Conditioner and How to Shampoo & Condition the Right Way

Most adults use a conditioner, but a lot of kids don’t. Why not? Is it because they never get tangles? (HA.) Maybe it’s because parents have never quite understood why a child's hair would need a conditioner - but the reality is that, like skin, all hair could use some extra moisture after cleansing.

Bubbsi’s creamy coconut oil conditioner for kids (and for adults!) softens and detangles for smooth, easy-to-manage hair. That means no knots—wahoo!—and a good hair day, every time. Here, we break down when to start using kids condition, the proper way to shampoo and conditioner, and (of course) why Bubbsi's Creamy Coconut Oil Hair Conditioner is extra special.

Which kids need hair conditioner?

Baby hair is too fine for hair conditioner, but once your bub turns two—or has enough hair to brush into a hairstyle, whichever comes first—they can benefit from kids conditioner. (A basic rule of thumb: If your child screams when you’re trying to brush, it’s time!) As for which kids need it, kids conditioner improves the look and feel and manageability of hair for all kids—boys and girls, whether they have hair that’s long or short, fine or course. Long hair requires more conditioning to keep it smooth and knot-free, but even very short hair gets shinier and smoother with regular use of kids conditioner.

Bubbsi Creamy Coconut Oil Conditioner


What are the benefits of using conditioner?

Kids shampoo and conditioner are a great duo: Shampoo’s job is to cleanse, while the kids conditioner’s job is to protect. Shampoo cleans the scalp, while kids conditioner nourishes the strands. Think of it like this: Kids conditioner is like body cream for the hair. Our skin needs to be both cleansed and moisturized—and our hair is no different. Kids conditioner goes a long way to repairing that hair and restoring the right level of moisture to the hair. 

The short-term benefits of using kids conditioner? It smoothes and detangles, leaving a shiny, smooth look and a manageable, silky feel. The long-term benefits of using kids conditioner? The kids conditioner penetrates and moisturizes hair strands, making brushing easier and leading to fewer split ends, less frizz, and healthier hair for life! 

Why is Bubbsi coconut oil conditioner better?

It took us 13 months, 77 surveys, 8 bottle designs and 4 months of safety testing to create a conditioner worthy of the name Bubbsi. Here’s where we landed: A clean and natural formula made of 96% naturally-derived ingredients including coconut oil and shea butter that’s made for the little ones but good enough to use on your own hair. The consistency is thick and rich, but it washes out cleanly without weighing hair down. Like all Bubbsi products, this little kitty is sulfate-free and EU-compliant. Most importantly (at least to your little ones in the bath), it’s super gentle and won’t irritate eyes or scalp. 

Let this little kitty get comfortable in her new spot in the bathtub: Once the kids conditioner runs low, simply order a low-plastic, money-saving refill, which will fill her up three times. Our refill model saves plastic, saves money, and saves that cute little kitty from the landfill! 


Bubbsi Creamy Coconut Oil Hair Conditioner for Kids


How do I use kids conditioner?

After you’ve rinsed out the shampoo, massage a dime-sized amount of kids conditioner from the mid-strand to hair ends. (No need to apply to the scalp.) Leave on for a few minutes if possible. (This isn’t required—so if kids are whining, feel free to cut this marinating time short!) Rinse thoroughly. Use kids conditioner every time you shampoo—and feel free to use on days you don’t shampoo, too! This is lightweight and gentle enough to use multiple times per week. Short hair, in general, only needs to be conditioned 1-2 times per week, while long hair could use a couple more. 


Check out our early reviews!

You said it, not us: 75% of conditioner-using customers said Bubbsi’s kids conditioner was better than their current bottle. 

My toddler's frizzy hair has been such a stresser in his life and I'm so glad we found a non-toxic solution. It rinsed easily and my toddler didn't mind it touching his eyes. It left his hair soft, shiny and easy to brush. Best part?  He woke up with silky soft hair in the morning.”  —Isabelle

“Thick, creamy and smelled great. Left his hair frizz-free and shiny”. —Catherine

“This feels more like one of my deep conditioning masks rather than my kids' thin conditioners. which is why I stole the rest for myself :)”  —Gina

“My daughter’s hair is curly and frizzy and always in knots. She’s always in tears when I need to brush her hair out. After using this product, it left her hair knot-free and super soft after air-drying.” —Sheena

I like that I can actually comb through my daughters hair after her bath and her frizz is finally under control!” —Desirae

“The smell is not overwhelming, the consistency feels wonderful, and the end result is amazing.” —Sam

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