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Our bestselling set is a favorite for newborns and kids with keratosis pilaris

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Coconut Oil Skincare That (Actually) Works

Smooth those KP bumps by cleansing as needed and moisturizing daily. This set is also great for dry skin / eczema, baby acne and diaper rash.

Your Bubbsi Ritual Includes:
whipped coconut oil body cream
Non-greasy deep moisturizer for face & body. Absorbs quickly, softens immediately.
creamy coconut oil shampoo + wash
Gently cleans, protects and nourishes skin and hair. Great for cradle cap or dry scalp.
coconut oil balm
Protects and soothes dry & sensitive skin. Also great as a diaper cream!
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Real talk from parents like you

Best product for KP

“My baby girl had really bad Keratosis Pilaris. Her cheeks were always red with bumps and I was always so sad I felt so bad. Her pediatrician prescribed a moisturizing lotion but it didn't help and prescribed a steroid lotion just in case but I was afraid to use it. After doing so much research I found Bubbsi and gave them a shot. It has been the best decision for my baby. She improved drastically in just 1 day!! This is not a paid review! I encourage you to buy this lotion because it really is a great product."


Amazing results!!

"Both of my babes have sensitive skin and one has KP. I immediately noticed a difference in their skin texture within a couple uses. Finally my littles will have “baby soft” skin."

Best skincare products!

"I absolutely love all 3! The packaging is super cute and it smells so good I not only use it on my baby and toddler, but also myself! The body oil helped clear these little bumps I had on the backs of my arms and also my baby’s eczema rashes. I am definitely a forever customer with these products now!"

Love this lotion!

"My daughter began to have little dry bumps on her belly and arms that weren’t going away. Bubbsi’s coconut body lotion, after just a couple of applications, made my baby’s skin so soft and the bumps disappeared! My husband and I are obsessed with this lotion and bought an extra one to leave in her diaper bag. I highly recommend this coconut body lotion to everyone!!"


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