10 Ways to Use Our Coconut Oil Balm <br>for Bath + Body + Bum

10 Ways to Use Our Coconut Oil Balm
for Bath + Body + Bum


Coconut Oil Balm is Bubbsi's MVP! This pup has so many tricks and will truly be your skin’s best friend.  


What makes this formula so special?  This 100% naturally-derived vegan oil salve is primarily a blend of nourishing coconut & sunflower oils.  Because coconut oil is naturally anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and antifungal, it naturally protects skin from pathogens and calms redness. It also contains high levels of lauric acid— the same medium chain fatty acid that gives breast milk its infection-fighting superpowers! Our innovative formula delivers all the benefits of this nourishing oil, but without the “scoop & slather’ mess of using coconut oil from a jar. It comes out of a bottle as a creamy solid and immediately melts into skin.   


Here are ten ways to use our Coconut Oil Balm, direct from Bubbsi mamas!

 Baby legs in diaper with coconut oil baby balm

1. Helps prevent diaper rash

Keep this pup on your changing table! Apply a thin layer to baby’s bum for an all-natural, sweet-smelling, incredibly effective diaper cream.

“I love using this product on my 8-month-old. I started using it when she was 4 months old, and now only use Bubbsi products on her skin. This balm works great to keep her little bum from developing a diaper rash! If I notice it getting a little red, I put on a small amount at bedtime, and by the morning it’s all better.” Sim


2. Removes cradle cap

Cradle cap is a common term for the seborrheic dermatitis that can develop on a baby’s scalp, generally between 2-12 months. It presents as patches that are red and scaly or yellow and crusty. It might sound scary, but it’s quite common, and nothing to freak out about. Applying natural oils can help remove cradle cap’s dry patches by softening the dry skin. Here’s how to apply our Coconut Oil Balm:

1. Massage the scalp with our Coconut Oil Balm 
2. Let it sit for 15 minutes
3. Brush scalp gently with a soft bristle brush to loosen flakes 
4. Wash hair thoroughly with our Creamy Coconut Oil Shampoo + Wash, a nourishing head-to-toe wash that cleanses hair and skin without any harsh sulfates.   

    This balm is a.m.a.z.i.n.g. We had been trying to clear up my 3-month-old son's cradle cap for about a month. Nothing was working. In fact, some soaps we tried just made it worse, and his head was super itchy! We decided to give this balm a try, and it almost completely cleared it up in just two or three days.” — Melissa 

     Coconut oil baby balm swipes on blue background

    3. Prevents winter-chapped skin

      Winter weather can take a toll on skin...and so can a case of the sniffles. Prevent & protect your baby from chapped cheeks and tissue nose by keeping our balm close by. Apply a small dab to protect skin before it gets chapped and / or to soothe the red and irritated parts of their face. 

      This balm has been a lifesaver for my 2-year-old twins. They get windburn on their face pretty often, which causes dry, flaky spots on their cheeks.” —Kanika


      4. Helps with eczema 

        Our founder is an “ecze-mama”—or used to be, before she created Bubbsi for her eczema-prone kid! For ultra-dry skin we suggest layering on our Body Cream first (to provide hydration to pores), followed by the Coconut Oil Balm on top (to lock in moisture).  Here’s how another enthusiastic ecze-mama explains it: 


        “After I wash my kid with the soap, while his skin is still wet, I rub him down with the balm and pat him dry, and his skin is soft as well as moisturized. After a few days of the Bubbsi soap, oil, and lotion combo, we haven't had any trouble with his sensitive skin/eczema. Since we started using Bubbsi, he hasn't had a break out.” —Kamaria

        Hand holding coconut oil baby balm

        5. Cleanses skin & removes makeup 

        That’s right: You can use our balm as a super gentle cleanser for yourself or your kiddos. Especially for dry-skinned kids, it’s a great way to cleanse them while also moisturizing. The simple chemical principle of “like dissolves like” explains how this works: The oil in the cleanser attracts and softens oil-based impurities in your skin and pulls it out of pores. To use, simply massage onto skin as you would any soap and then wash off. It’ll leave skin feeling clean and softer than ever.  

        “I use the coconut oil balm as a cleansing oil for my newborn’s bathtime. I love how gentle it is, and it leaves her skin feeling soft and hydrated. Can’t get enough of the smell, and it makes both of our skin feel great!” — Joli


        6. Smoothes flyaways

        Our balm can smooth out frizzy hair—yours or your kid’s! Rub a tiny drop between hands until it has completely melted, and then smooth onto hair.  
          “I use the Coconut Oil Balm on flyaways and ends (the tiniest amount goes a long way).” Nisha


          7. Softens cuticles and hands

          Our founder uses the balm every night on her son, who has been getting dry hands and hangnails in the winter. Massage the balm onto cuticles before bedtime to soften them while they sleep. It also works wonders for dishpan hands—or hands that are overwashed due to frequent diaper changes. 
            “My hands have been incredibly cracked (thanks to constant post-diaper washing and cold weather). I used a little of this on my hands, and it healed the cracks in just a couple days.” —Melissa


            Baby hand holding coconut oil baby balm in bath

            8. Calms bug bites

            We’ve received multiple reports that our balm even keeps bug bites calm due to its anti-inflammatory nature: 

            “My husband was in Florida for work this week and got eaten alive by bugs. He was so itchy this morning, I told him to try and put some Bubbsi balm on the bug bites. He finally caved this afternoon and was like, ‘That stuff is the truth! Immediate relief!’” — Archana


            9. Prevents razor burn

            Because our balm is naturally antifungal and anti-inflammatory, it soothes the skin post-shave. Some mamas have been sneaking a little balm into their shower routine.


            “Bubbsi's not just for babies! I have always dreaded the ingrown hairs that come with shaving every day in the warmer weather. This [balm] has worked better than any shaving cream, moisturizer, or aftershave I've tried! It's light enough to protect my skin without clogging pores...It prevents irritation and also leaves me glowing and hydrated right out of the shower!” —Hannah


            10. Soothes heat rash

              Babies and toddlers are more prone to heat rash, as their sweat glands are not fully matured. Heat rash happens when sweat gets trapped underneath the skin. The trapped sweat blocks sweat glands, and if pores can’t clear out the sweat, a rash develops. Use our Balm as a cleanser in the bath and then as a spot treatment on inflamed skin.


              “I ordered this product after failing to fight off my newborn's face rash for months. She also had severe cradle cap...To my surprise, the Bubbsi coconut balm worked almost immediately. Within a week, her rash was less red. Her skin, in general, felt hydrated. It's now been months, and needless to say, her cradle cap and rash are 99% gone. Bonus, my husband used it on his rash and it worked so well for him too.” H. Desai


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