SKIN to SKIN  |  Nisha Pawar on the <br>power of massage from head to toe

SKIN to SKIN | Nisha Pawar on the
power of massage from head to toe

At Bubbsi, we believe that skin-to-skin contact between parent and child remains important, far beyond those first three months with your newborn. Kids of all ages (in fact, all humans!) benefit from loving, physical affection. Developing a massage-based skincare ritual can be a skin- and soul-nourishing way to show love to your littles. In our new Skin to Skin series, we profile inspiring women who have started their own family skincare rituals. We hope their traditions inspire you to start your own.   



For our very first Skin to Skin, we’re thrilled to welcome Nisha, founder of the blog LoveLaughMirch. Nisha lives for celebrating Indian culture with her six-year-old daughter and does it so beautifully. Nisha is creative, authentic, outspoken yet deeply thoughtful...and her recipes are dope. She bonded with Bubbsi founder Sweta Doshi over their shared love of coconut oil: Both women grew up in Indian households where the ingredient was used on a daily basis, thanks to its nourishing properties for skin and hair. While most people think of Bubbsi as a skincare line for babies, Nisha knows that our products work for all ages. Watch the video for a glimpse into her giggly family skincare ritual, and read about how she uses our Coconut Oil Balm on her daughter’s hair, and her own! And if you've seen Nisha's long luscious locks in person (or on Instagram), you'll know you want to pay extra attention.  


We're BIG fans of your blog, LoveLaughMirch. How did it start?

Love Laugh Mirch started as a way of celebrating my love for cooking, because I wanted to replicate the flavors my mother brought me up with, and it evolved into a journey of motherhood, cultural immersion and exploration. (I’m mom to a spunky six-year-old known on my blog as Little Mirchi, which means “Little Chili”). I’m a big advocate of natural remedies and home-cooked food, and I believe in celebrating the little things.

 Scalp massage with coconut oil balm

Could you walk us through Little Mirchi’s skincare ritual?  

We use the entire Bubbsi line! I give her massages a few times a week with the Coconut Oil Balm —it helps with moisturizing, and with aches from growing pains. I also give her a good scalp massage every few days with the Oil Balm. We use the Whipped Coconut Oil Body Cream daily, Cetaphil face cream, and the Creamy Coconut Oil Shampoo + Wash whenever she has a hair wash.


When did you start developing this ritual? 

Ever since she was little we incorporated oil massages in her skincare and bathtime routine. She would get a massage every day before bathtime and bedtime. Indian baby massage techniques have been passed down from generations: My mom taught me how to massage Little Mirchi from the time she was a week old.


What tips do you have for massaging an older child?  

Older kids tend to be less fidgety—that’s a perk for sure! Give your little ones a massage on the nights they have a physical activity. They will sleep so well and it will relieve any pain.


Does the regimen change from season to season?

We definitely moisturize a lot more in the winter, since we live in the Northeast. The massages are year round, especially since she’s been complaining of growing pains this past year.


Do you use any Bubbsi products on yourself? 

Mom hack: The Bubbsi Coconut Oil Balm works great on the ends of your hair after a blow dry, and to tame those baby hairs and flyaways!


What benefits do you see from having a family skincare ritual? 

One, it keeps the skincare products at a minimum: We have our go-to’s, and don’t need to keep trying things. Two, developing a skincare ritual teaches kids at a young age to take care of their skin. At six she knows she needs to moisturize daily.


Just as I turned to organic coconut oil to soothe my daughter’s eczema, do you have any home remedies that stem from Indian culture? 

Oh yes, so many! Some of my favorites: When she’s feeling gassy or bloated I give her a spoon of crushed fennel seeds to munch on. Fennel is great for digestion and body purification. Oil hair massage: My mom gave them to me growing up, and I’m sure that’s what helped my hair’s strength. I now give them to my daughter and she loves it.


What beauty rituals or traditions do you hope to pass on to your daughter? 

I hope she appreciates her natural beauty and understands the benefits of a clean and minimal routine. By having a skincare routine established already, I hope she always makes time for self-care!


What’s one way you’re trying to keep your household more green/sustainable?

We try to use minimal products. I love that the Bubbsi Shampoo + Wash doubles as a wash as well. Yay for efficient, multifunctional products!


Which recipes on your blog should people try first? 

Oh, I have so many favorites, but here are a few!

  • Rainbow Rotis, colorful flatbreads made with spinach, beets and carrots. 
  • Kurkuri Bhindi, my crispy, oven baked take on a popular fried okra snack. 
  • Everyday Chai, upgraded from anything you’ll buy in a cafe with fresh ginger and spices.  


Thank you, Nisha!

Photos & Videos by Pooja Dhar