Natural Remedies for Heat Rash

Natural Remedies for Heat Rash

Sunburns, dry and chapped skin… We want to protect our kids from all of it! Here at Bubbsi we’ve talked a lot about proper moisturization and summer skincare in previous posts. This sometimes means giving skin time to breathe—especially when it’s hot out. In this blog we’ll walk you through one of the season’s most common mishaps—heat rash—and how to prevent and soothe it.  

What is heat rash? 

If your child is experiencing an itchy sensation accompanied by small pink bumps, improper aeration could be the cause. Heat rash (aka prickly heat, sweat rash or its diagnostic name, miliaria rubra) is made up of small red and pink bumps on the skin. In infants, heat rash most often occurs on the neck, armpits, elbows, and groin, whereas on our older bubs it can also be seen on the chest and back. Heat rash is typically painless; however, some forms of the rash may cause an itchy or prickly sensation in tandem with these bumps. 


What are the causes of heat rash?

Heat rash happens when sweat gets trapped underneath the skin. The trapped sweat blocks sweat glands, and if pores can’t clear out the sweat, a rash develops. Babies and toddlers are more prone to heat rash, as their sweat glands are not fully matured. 
Factors that contribute to heat rash include: 
  • Hot, humid environment
  • Too many thick bed blankets
  • Unbreathable clothing 
  • Heavy creams or prescribed ointments that increase sweat gland functions

What are some natural remedies for heat rash?

If your child’s skin is showing symptoms of heat rash, keep cool—literally and figuratively. Stay calm and remember your ABC’s.

  • A is for Air: Place your bub near the fan in an air-conditioned room. Proper air circulation will help keep affected areas cool and, most importantly, dry.

  • B is for Breathe: Let the skin breathe by removing heavy fabrics that block sweat glands. Remember that lightweight cotton alternatives (such as linen) are Bub’s best friend.

  • C is for Cool It: Use a cold washcloth on the affected areas to remove excess oils and dirt. For baby, make sure you clean between the creases of their (adorable) skin rolls. 

topless infant smiling while being wiped with baby wipes

Heat rash preventions

Don’t worry too much, Mama. Heat rash typically clears up after 3-4 days, and in many cases it can be prevented. If it’s getting especially hot and humid, remember that less is more. Trade in some time under the sun for indoor playdates. Dress your kiddo in breathable clothes, for starters.Make sure to rinse off sweat, oils and dirt soon after sweaty playdates. In this case, we actually recommend avoiding moisturizers that sit on the skin. However, Bubbsi offers two ways to cleanse your bub that will leave their skin feeling soft, even without a moisturizer:


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